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Student Expectations

These expectations are here to help you be the best you can be and get the best outcomes.


Getting started and equipment 

Grangers ready to learn 
  • Be on time
  • Sit in your allocated seat
  • Get out equipment


Respectful and safe with STAR

Sit up with hands on the desk 

Track the person who is speaking in class by focusing your eyes on them 

Ask and answer questions in relation to the work 

Respect everyone around you 


Additional support
  • When you need additional support in meeting our standards, we’ll let you know in a constructive way. 
  • Some occasions parents will be contacted to support this. 
  • A fresh start can be expected every lesson every day is a new opportunity to learn


Our Co-op Values

As a Co-op academy we all live and breathe our Ways of Being



Grangers should always bring a:

  • Black pen
  • Green pen
  • Highlighter 
  • Pencil
  • Reading book
  • Ruler
  • Scientific calculator

Always be ready to learn!

Mobile phone guidance and our uniform

Mobile Phones

We don’t use use mobile phones or headphones inside the school grounds – from the moment students enter the gates until the moment they leave

  • Phones and devices are switched off and must not be seen or heard

If phones or devices are seen or heard they will be confiscated by staff and locked away securely.

  • If this is the first time it’s confiscated that term, students collect the phone from their pastoral leader after school
  • The second time this happens and on any further occasions an adult with parental responsibility for the student must collect the phone from reception 
Contact during the day
  • If parents need to contact their child during the day this is done by ringing school reception

  • If students need to contact home for a good reason they should speak to a member of staff who will always help them


Our uniform is practical and smart, preparing our students for the world of work.

Everyday Uniform

  • black school blazer
  • white shirt
  • black tailored trousers
  • year group tie
  • black formal school shoes.

 Optional items

  • black jumper
  • black tunic
  • black headscarf
  • black prayer cap

Tunic is available in black from Natasha’s and Academia only.  This must be worn with a white shirt, school tie and blazer.  The tunic can be supplied in two lengths, both of which feature the embroidered school logo; the knee length tunic must be worn with black school trousers.

  • Decorative jewellery is not allowed.
  • Body piercing shouldn’t be visible.
  • Watches and small, simple earrings are acceptable, but these should be removed during PE to keep everyone safe.

  • Simple and discreet makeup that would be appropriate in a modern business environment is allowed.

PE Lessons


  • blue polo shirt with logo
  • hooded sweatshirt with logo (optional)
  • waterproof jacket with logo (optional)*
  • blue or black tracksuit
  • blue shorts
  • socks
  • trainers
  • studded football boots
  • blue football socks
  • shin pads and gum shield recommended


  • blue polo shirt with logo
  • hooded sweatshirt with logo (optional)
  • waterproof jacket with logo (optional)*
  • blue or black tracksuit
  • blue shorts
  • socks
  • trainers
  • shin pads and gum shield recommended
  • sports hijab or head scarf without pins (optional)

*Our new optional waterproof jacket with logo is available from September 2022. These are available from Natasha’s for £17

The optional hooded sweatshirt or waterproof jacket are the only jackets/jumpers allowed to be worn during PE and sports lessons.

Where to buy

Natasha Schoolwear

  • 37 Westgate
  • Bradford
  • BD1 2QT
  • 01274 724676


  • 42-44 Darley Street
  • Bradford
  • BD1 3HN
  • 01274 730846  

Moving around, eating and drinking and social times

Starting the day

We want you to be the best you can be and be a part of our community. 

  • Be on time
  • Say hello to the member of staff who greets you when you enter the building 
  • Remove your coat or outdoor clothing 
  • Check your uniform and footwear are correct
  • Walk on the left walk with one friend or in a small group 
  • Smile and say hello when you see a teacher

Moving to lessons
  • Take the most direct route to get there as quickly as possible and on time 
  • Keep voices quiet and don’t shout so that we have a calm atmosphere 

  • Walk calmly when you leave at the end of the day 
  • You represent Grange, you’re a Granger even when you are out in the community or going home 

Eating and drinking
  • Eat or drink while sitting at a table in the atrium or outside in the playground
  • Food and drink are available from our range of serveries 
  • Energy drinks or fizzy drinks aren’t permitted
  • Litter must be placed in dustbins and trays, plates and cutlery are returned neatly

Breaks and lunch times


  • The library is open for student use – a timetable for each year groups allocated times and days is available 
  • If you stay inside you must not wear outdoor clothing 


  • You can play games in the courts or on the grass 
  • You can sit at the benches or walk in small groups around the large playing area

At the end of break or lunch 

  • Remove outdoor coats and clothing
  • Say hello to the member of staff at the door
  • Walk in a calm and orderly manner 
  • Show your ID card 
  • Leave your bag with the attendant 
  • Staff are on duty during social terms to ensure you are safe and are there if you need help

Our Student Support

If you ever need help or support you can speak to

  • Any member of staff 

  • Your tutor 
  • The pastoral year team 
  • Our wellbeing team

We have very experienced specialist staff here to help:

  • Counsellor 
  • Social worker
  • A team of mentors 
  • Inclusion department
  • A Roma community support worker 
  • A large safeguarding team  

The senior leadership are also available to help with any problems no matter how large or small.

The safeguarding team are always here to help students with any problems students might be having. They include:

  • Mrs Holt
  • Ms Gill
  • Mrs Begum
  • Miss Thompson
  • Miss Mirza
  • Miss Rothenburg

Check out our Student Support section to find out more