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Our governors are responsible for the management of the business of the academy.

This includes adopting an annual plan and budget, monitoring the academies by the use of targets and budgets and senior staff appointments.

Academy Intervention Board



Introduction to our Governing Body

Governors are volunteers who give up their time to help the academy be the best it can be. Their role is to work together with academy leaders to set the strategic direction of the academy.

The academy is a member of a trust which delegates certain decision-making powers to our governing body.

Co-op Academies Trust is a multi-academy trust which runs a number of academies. Please visit the Trust website to find out about the Board of Directors and also to view the Trust’s Annual Report, Policies and Financial Statements.

The Trust and its academies operate within an established Scheme of Delegation detailing those matters that are reserved for the Board and those delegated to governors and Principal:

  • Decisions reserved for the Trust Board include providing strategic direction to the Trust, ensuring financial viability, establishing an Audit Committee and compliance with Department for Education requirements.
  • The governors at each academy are responsible for the management of the business of the academy, including adopting an annual plan and budget, monitoring the academy by the use of targets and budgets and handling senior staff appointments.

How our governing body is organised

The governing body consists of 6 to 15 members, of which between 2 to 5 governors are appointed by the sponsor. In addition, the local governing body includes 2 staff governors, 2 parent governors and the Principal. Up to two further governors can be drawn from formal partners and up to one from the local authority.

Our academy has three committees who meet in addition to general governing body meetings:

  • Finance and general purpose committee
  • HR and curriculum committee
  • Community Engagement committee

Contacting governors

Governors, can be contacted through the academy at Co-op Academy Grange, Southfield Grange Campus, Haycliffe Lane, Bradford, BD5 9ET on telephone number 01274 779662 or by emailing