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Curriculum Intent

Our Vision

Co-op Academy Grange’s vision is to build and sustain the cultural, educational and social capital for each of our students. We will combine this with an inclusive ethos and the acquisition of powerful knowledge that broadens students' experience. We are dedicated to succeeding together and ensuring that all students succeed at university, apprenticeships or quality technical or vocational qualifications leading to a successful career and a great life.

Intent - What do we want our Curriculum to be?

We want our curriculum to be exciting and ambitious, filled with opportunities to experience and learn new things. Our students need to be prepared for life beyond Co-op Academy Grange and the world of work, but with a love of learning that goes beyond their school life with us. We want them to actively contribute to society and be positive role models in their local community. We focus on pupils’ social and moral development and this is a key aspect of the PSHE curriculum, this is reflected in other subjects including the topics chosen for the history curriculum and the books selected for English, as well as a knowledge of the local Geography. Our curriculum needs to reflect our community and the students need to see their community reflected in the curriculum. This must work alongside a curriculum that broadens the horizons and expands the experiences of the students, in the classroom and beyond.

The curriculum will be carefully considered and sequenced, informed by expert subject knowledge. It will be built around the gateway knowledge that is required to access each part of learning. The knowledge, skills and understanding from Key Stage 2 will be successfully built on, ensuring there is a coherence and continuity across the key stages. There will be skilful assessments that provide clear information to inform planning and secure strong progress. Importantly, the assessments will check prior knowledge and understanding, so that further knowledge and understanding is built on secure foundations. We will continually evaluate and adapt what we offer to ensure it is coherent, high quality and provides inclusive opportunities for all with the thread of the co-operative values and principles running through it.


Implementation - What does our Curriculum look like in the classroom?

We want our students to have a coherent learning experience throughout their day and across their subjects. Lessons will refer to “The Big Picture” which will help students understand the overall purpose of the learning. The learning objective will detail what is being learned in that lesson, on that day. Lessons will usually start in an engaging way, with a retrieval exercise to help consolidate understanding and embed knowledge in their long term memory. There will be extensive use of modelling in the classroom, with staff using the “I / We / You.” Formative assessment strategies will be used throughout the lesson to help students to engage, develop understanding, deepen knowledge and prompt further thought. Through skilful questioning, misconceptions can be addressed and errors can be corrected. There will be a heavy emphasis on vocabulary and language skills in all subjects, with plenty of opportunities for speaking and listening in lessons.

Impact - What will the Impact of our Curriculum be?

Our curriculum is designed to ensure all of our students:

  • Secure the best possible outcomes so that all future pathways are open to them and they are ready and confident for the next stage of their life.

  • Students gain understanding of how and why they learn, acquire knowledge, deepen and apply their understanding.

  • Develop their reading skills, gain familiarity with a wide range of texts and have a love of reading throughout their life.

  • Develop knowledge and cultural capital to understand, engage with and influence the world around them. In RE for example, we focus on Christianity, Judaism and Islam, as they all share the common heritage of the prophet Abraham and reflect what beliefs bring these faiths together. In History we study the Holocaust, reflecting the experiences of the Jewish people, persecuted because of their beliefs. 

  • Have high aspirations and know how they can achieve them.

  • Know how to learn successfully, and keep themselves safe and healthy.

  • Are community minded with a willingness to involve themselves and volunteer.

  • Have had the opportunity to engage with employees and members of the Co-op to assist in their preparation for work and later education and employment choices in life.

  • Are successful in entering the world of training, education or employment equipped with the necessary skills, knowledge, resilience, confidence and self-esteem to succeed as active members of society. 

Have questions?

For more information about our curriculum, get in touch with Jennifer Almond, Deputy Headteacher.