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Home Learning Policy

Policy details

Date created – 22/09/2020

Date reviewed by governors – 29/09/2021

Next review date – September 2022


Policy details 1 1. Rationale 2 2. Aims 2 3. Responsibilities 2

Co-op Academy Grange – Home Learning Policy (September 2020)


1. Rationale

“The evidence shows that the impact of homework, on average, is five months' additional progress”. - Education Endowment Foundation

2. Aims

Ensure all students have access to online home learning through Google Classroom ● Consolidate and extend learning covered in class and or prepare for new learning ● Develop online learning skills by setting tasks through Google classroom, Hegarty maths, Seneca and GCSEpod (Priority 2: Online Learning)

● Improve literacy through reading and exposing students to expository texts(academic) as well as fictional texts (Priority 4: Literacy)

Improve retention, recall and long-term memory in preparation for public exams(Priority 3: Progress towards public examinations)

● Develop independent learning skills (Priority 1: Teaching and Learning))

Develop study skills e.g. planning, effective time- management, concentration and self- discipline (Priority 5: Character and Culture)

● Engage parental cooperation (Priority 6: Parental Engagement) and support and create channels of communication between school and home

● To take responsibility for their learning (Priority 1 Teaching and Learning)

● Provide feedback in the evaluation of teaching

3. Responsibilities

Role of the Student

Listen carefully when home-learning instructions are given in class and write this down neatly. ● Complete home learning set and hand it in on time this can be in your exercise book or google classroom.

● Make sure you complete all work set neatly with 100% effort and clearly label and underline home-learning as a title in your exercise book or in Google classroom.

● Ask your teacher for help if you find the work difficult.

Role of the Curriculum Leader

● Home learning is embedded in all schemes of work for all years and this is posted on Google classroom for students to access

Closely monitor the setting, completion and marking of home learning that is set.

Role of the Subject Teacher:

● Upload all home learning tasks on Google classroom

● Ensure students get timely feedback this could be through green pen marking in class, or feedback through google classroom

● Reward students who have handed in outstanding home learning through class charts ● Inform parents/carers through class charts if they have not completed the home learning task set ● Set home learning tasks that is engaging and varied (please refer to your SOW) and upload on your Google classroom

Co-op Academy Grange – Home Learning Policy (September 2020)


Role of the Form Teacher

Check that all students have access to a device and internet connection

● Check that they are regularly accessing their home learning through Google classroom Remind students of the importance of completing home learning and meeting all deadlines set. ● Check Class Charts and have restorative discussions to understand the reasons and possible solutions for students not completing home-learning on time.

Role of the Parent/Carer:

● Check that your child is completing their home learning on Google Classroom. ● Ensure your child has access to a computer and internet connection in order for them to complete their home learning.

● Provide a quiet environment for your child to complete their home-learning

● Encourage your child to read everyday

● Praise and encourage your child

● Help your child to get organised. They will need a bag, books, equipment and a working device ● Encourage your child to develop good study habits e.g. help them write a timetable to manage their time

● Provide some resources e.g. dictionary, thesaurus, reading books (from our school library or central library). This could be a small bookshelf of resources

Co-op Academy Grange – Home Learning Policy (September 2020)