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Home – Academy Agreement

All parties named in the agreement will strive to

maintain the content of agreement in the best

interests of every student.

Following the school values of showing we care, being our best self and doing what matters most will ensure we succeed together:

Co-op Academy Grange will:

Provide a safe and supportive environment for students to enjoy learning and achieve their full potential

provide a consistently high standard of teaching

ensure students have the best possible education by providing a suitable curriculum and individual support

provide parents / carers with regular reports and opportunity for discussion about their child's progress

set regular homework

contact home to acknowledge students’ successes

contact home if there are concerns about students’ behaviour, progress or attendance

contact home immediately if students are to be retained for more than 15 minutes after the end of the academy day

provide a wide variety of extracurricular activities, trips and residential visits.

Parents / Carers will:

Support our values and behaviours

ensure your child attends school, on time, with a minimum of 97% attendance Inform us on the first day in the event of any absence

Support our policy of holidays and extended family trips not being taken during term time.

attend meetings concerning the education and well-being of your child provide correct contact details and update us if they change

ensure that your child completes all work set by the academy, including home learning

provide a suitable environment for your child to work at home so they can complete home learning to a high standard

support your child’s organisation by helping them bring the correct learning equipment needed for the day. This includes the Chromebook, fully charged, provided by the academy.

support the academy’s policies and regulations on behaviour and uniform including same day after-school detentions, with a latest finish time being of 5.30 pm after communication from the academy

support your child in participating in extracurricular activities, trips and residential visits

Students will ensure that they:

work hard, live by our values and follow the learning habits in every lesson and around the academy - be ready, respectful and safe

attend regularly, arrive on time, wear the correct uniform and bring the correct equipment, including a charged Chromebook.

ensure mobile phones/devices are not seen/heard on school premises. behave responsibly both at the academy and travelling to and from the academy complete all home learning to the highest standard and hand it in on time treat all adults and students with respect

be polite at all times and open the door to let an adult through first respect the academy building and equipment and keep our school environment free from graffiti, litter and chewing gum

do not undermine the safety of others

take letters and messages home and deliver them to their families check their email daily

take an active part in the academy life including extra curricular activities, clubs, teams

Failure to keep to the Agreement will result in disciplinary action and ultimately a loss of place at Co-op Academy Grange.

Reviewed by governors

29th September 2021

Reviewed by governors

29th September 2022

Next Review date September 2023